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Medical Food Designed to
Protect Optic Nerve Cells from

Damage and Death in
Glaucoma Patients

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GlaucoCetin Prescriptions Require That You Have a DAC

In order to prescribe GlaucoCetin to your patients, you must first have a Doctor Authorization Code, or DAC. Patients will use the DAC when they order GlaucoCetin directly from Guardion Health Sciences’ fulfillment facility in San Diego. A four-week (28-day) supply of GlaucoCetin is shipped directly to the patient anywhere in the United States when the patient places an order. GlaucoCetin is provided in powder form that is easily mixed with any liquid. A hand-held mini-blender is provided with the first shipment of GlaucoCetin for those patients who order using the auto-ship option.

Your DAC Allows You to Work More Closely With Your Patients

Guardion Health Sciences records each shipment according to your unique DAC number. This unique system allows Guardion to provide you with a quarterly accounting of which patients are actively ordering and taking GlaucoCetin, and allows you to work more closely with your patients to support and protect the mitochondrial function of nerve cells.

Your patients have two options for ordering:

  • Order each 28-day supply of GlaucoCetin individually.
  • Order using the auto-ship option. Guardion will automatically ship GlaucoCetin every 28 days. The auto-ship option saves your patients 5%. For the auto-ship option, the first shipment will arrive with a hand-held mini-blender that can easily and uniformly mix GlaucoCetin into any liquid.

Contact Us to Receive Your DAC

If you are a health care professional and would like to learn more about prescribing GlaucoCetin to help your patients, please fill out the contact form below. You will receive your DAC number and prescription pads within a week.


M.D. (D.O) O.D.
Glaucocetin retinal & neuroprotection medical food
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    The Precursor Compound (Glaucohealth™)* was Proven in Clinical Trials, at World-Renowned New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, to Reverse Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Glaucoma Nerve Cells

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    First Medical Food developed specifically to Reverse Damage to Glaucoma Nerve Cells caused by underlying Mitochondrial Dysfunction

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    Comes in Powder Form for Maximum Absorption

*The Precursor to GlaucoCetin, Glaucohealth™, and all related formulas created by Dr Robert Ritch were acquired by Guardion Health Sciences in the second quarter of 2018 and subsequently renamed GlaucoCetin.

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GlaucoCetin is the first vision-specific Medical Food designed to support and protect the mitochondrial function of nerve cells in glaucoma patients.

28 Day Supply: Comes in Powder Form. When using auto-ship, the first order includes a hand-held mini-blender.

Doctor Authorization Code (DAC) Number Required

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GlaucoCetin® is a Medical Food. In order to process your order, you will need a DAC (Doctor Authorization Code) number from your healthcare provider. If you do not have a DAC number, please call us at (800) 873-5141 Dial 1 so that we may assist you.

Please use ONLY letters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9) in the “DAC” field on checkout. No space or symbols.


Contact us for general inquiries and feedback about GlaucoCetin