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Medical Food Designed to Support and Protect the Mitochondrial Function of

Optic Nerve Cells in Patients with Glaucoma

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Mitochondrial dysfunction in Glaucoma:

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Ingredients Support:

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Glaucocetin retinal & neuroprotection medical food
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    The Precursor Compound (Glaucohealth™)* was Proven in Clinical Trials, at World-Renowned New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, to Reverse Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Glaucoma Nerve Cells

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    First Medical Food developed specifically to Reverse Damage to Glaucoma Nerve Cells caused by underlying Mitochondrial Dysfunction

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    Comes in Powder Form for Maximum Absorption

*The Precursor to GlaucoCetin, Glaucohealth™, and all related formulas created by Dr Robert Ritch were acquired by Guardion Health Sciences in the second quarter of 2018 and subsequently renamed GlaucoCetin.

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– GlaucoCetin is the first vision-specific Medical Food designed to support and protect the mitochondrial function of nerve cells in glaucoma patients.

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